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papilloma virus angol fordítás káros az anthelmintikus gyógyszerekre

További keresési lehetőségek: Tartalom Vírus antigének kimutatása DIF-módszerrel klinikai mintában Detection of viral antigens by a DFA in a clinical specimen mezőgazdasági tevékenység - eur-lex.

Non-infected TOC-Ch were negative for viral antigen staining at 24 hpi Viral antigen plots show simplified Fig 1C B, C A Viral antigen in pneumocytes black arrowhead and macrophages arrow Viral antigen staining in epithelium of air capillaries, mononuclear cells, and necrotic debris Application as a Diagnostic and Assay MethodIn the absence of detectable cytologic changes in hog cholera virus-infected tissue culture cells, hog cholera viral antigen was readily detected by immunofluorescence After experimental infection with AD virus, mink PBL were responsive to viral antigen only transiently In general, it was found that viral antigen-reactive serologic activity does not necessarily reflect the status of viral antigen-reactive cell-mediated immunity in humans and that viral antigen-induced T-cell responses may be unexpectedly complex, rather than absent, in individuals who are seronegative for a particular virus általános - core.

papilloma virus angol fordítás papillómák a mellkason mit kell tenni

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